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Monday, June 10

Although this weekend was somewhat exhausting, it was refreshing and beautiful none-the-less. I was blessed to spend four days in the beauty of nature with some kiddos who were after God's heart. The beauty of a child seeking Christ makes my heart want to burst of joy. For being a Christian for the past three years, I have found my strengths and weaknesses and the passions the Lord has given me; one of those passions being working with kiddos. My Spirit is revived each time I see a child praying, worshiping, or simply speaking of the Lord. For this whole weekend I was blessed to experience all of that. The girls in the picture were my 2nd-3rd grade girls that spent every day and night talking with me, learning, experiencing, and worshiping Jesus all with me. I thought I walked into this experience with so much joy and blessing, but come to find out the Lord gave that to me tenfold in the days at camp.

There were times where I found myself so filled with His love because of something a child said to me about Him. There was a moment when tears flooded my eyes because we got to worship as believers together. There were times when my wisdom and my limits grew because of the challenges I faced. Four days and I am stronger, wiser, and more joyful than I was last Wednesday. Children are the light of the world, and how awesome is it to know that our God delights in them. He rejoices in their love for Him. His passion fills their hearts, and His words fill their ears.

Although today was exhausting and I'm still sore from camp and work, I am filled with the spirit of the living God; the Spirit the resides in me, those children, and you.

Praise God for children. Praise God for love. Praise God for sticky fingers, dirty toes, and happy hearts.


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  2. Amen! That's really the only suitable response :)


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