For Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

Thursday, June 13

I came across this sign yesterday evening in a run down parking lot in downtown Houston. When I saw it, I found myself asking, "What does it really take?" From before I was a believer in Christ, this never came into my head. This was never a question presented to me. This thought had no meaning. What does God have to do to get our attention? What does He have to do for you to see His grace, His love, and His desire for you?  From my own experience, I realized how much it takes. We don't realize how much He does for us, in order for our attention to be reverted to Him. He sends us blessings, peace, joy, love, grace, a second chance, a miracle; but we're still so infatuated with the world that our eyes are still blind to Him. I am still guilty of this today, even as a follower. He still works for my attention. There are days, when He doesn't receive the glory for all the incredible things He does in my life. I still happen to forget His will, His power, His authority.

What amazes me is not the lack of understanding and the lack of our ability to respond, but His passion to constantly be pursuing us. This question may stand out as scary or intimidating, but behind this question is over abounding love. He never stops pursuing us. From day one He has loved you, wanted you, and reached out to you. From every shaming action, every sinful secret, every time you denied Him, He still reaches for you.

The Father loves you! That has to be the best news I ever heard, from the day my heart was finally softened and my ears finally opened. He wants to know us! He wants us to be a part of His glorious kingdom. Do you get the power in that? Your creator made you, so He can love you. He wants to know your heart. If there's anything more powerful than hearing those words, it's experiencing those words. God may try for years and years and years for you finally to say, "Lord, I want to know you." But the beauty is that He will never stop doing so. He will never stop wanting an intimate relationship with you. He will never stop pursuing you. He will never stop waiting for you. Even when our hearts are cold towards Him, He still wants us. And when the day comes that you finally say yes to Him, He will never stop giving you grace and peace and joy and healing.

The Lord of all creation, wants to know you. Will you let Him?


  1. The way you constantly preach Christ is always encouraging to me. You're an inspiration. I'm proud to share a name with you! :)


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