Yoga And The Soul

Friday, May 31

As of about a month ago, I started doing daily yoga and it is so wonderful. I love to work out, but I often find myself too tired or busy to actually go out to a gym or take a long run. Yoga has definitely been something that I find myself enjoying far more than any other type of exercise. Not only does it work my body, but it is so relaxing, peaceful, and you feel fabulous afterwards.

I'm still learning lots of routines and poses, but I thought I'd share some yoga inspiration for all you other yoga ladies (or fellas) out there.

(all pictures are from Pinterest)


  1. Hey Taylor!

    This is Taylor for Live and Move. Weirdly enough, I just started doing yoga too! Our blogs are pretty similar. How exciting :) I'll be following along with you as well. Enjoy your weekend.



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