Spring Means Flowers

Sunday, April 14

If there's anything about Spring time that we all love, it's the flowers; the soft pastels mixed in with beautiful greenery. As you guys know, I'm fond with (almost) anything outdoors. Plants, trees, everything. They're all beautiful. Since Spring is rolling in, even though it almost feels like Summer here in southern Texas, I've been adding some nice color to my room to remind me of the fresh season coming up on us. Tony and I have recently been planting some stuff, and he loves to surprise me with a beautiful bouquet quite often!

I don't quite know what these flowers are called, but they are beautiful! Tony surprised these to me the other day, after a long day at work. These are going to be a definite must this spring. I love the creamy white color they have, and you can't really tell in this picture but they have some beautiful leaves. 

I love picking flowers, when Tony and I go exploring. So this is a fresh picked bouquet I put together the other day. There was a whole field of these soft pink-purple flowers. I added some pretty Baby Breathes in them as well. The jar they're in is one of my favorite flowers vases. This was once an alfredo sauce jar, but I cleaned it out and saved it for all my pretty flowers! P.s. Odd containers are always the best flowers pots!

This was another bouquet Tony picked up for me. I'm a sucker for white flowers, so this was instantly a beautiful sight come Spring. Yellows and whites always call for a little sunshine and smiles.

This is a little house plant I've been growing for a while now. It was originally very tiny, but now its leaves are getting long and green! Yay! This pot was also a super fun container to plant this plant into. It was an old tea can that I turned into a vase, once all the teabags were gone. It adds a little authenticity to the shelf it's on.

And of course, you can't ever go wrong with succulents any time of the year. I just added these little guys to my room a couple of days ago. They are perfect for tables, shelves, or any sort of decoration. And the good part is they don't need a crazy amount of care. Just some water and sunlight here and there. Of course, I had to plant these little ones into some original clay pots. 

What kind of flowers will we find in your house this Spring?

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