Camping in the Lonestar State

Monday, March 18

This weekend was one big adventure. Tony and I camped close to Austin in a nice little family owned campsite called Krause Springs. We had tons of fun making beans, having bonfires, and telling stories to each other. While in Austin, SXSW was quite chaotic, so Tony and I canoed on Lady Bird Lake, visited the Capitol building of Texas, and road bikes till our legs fell off. 

Something I definitely will not forget was the night sky out in Krause Springs. Living here in Houston, all the lights, smog, and other things clear out any stars from shining in the sky. But out in the Hilly Country, every star seemed as if its light was multiplied. The beauty of the place, the earth, and just the city reminds me to be joyful of every surrounding while I'm on this earth. 

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