Tuesday, March 19

When I think of the word follower, instantly I think of a leader. You cannot follow without someone to lead. Christianity is about being a follower to the almighty Leader; the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been high and low and have heard mouths profess the name of Christ, yet they 'lead' their life while 'their Lord' is in the shadows. My good friend Beth and I are about to start a small discipleship study together, and our first session is simply talking about the words 'Lord', 'follower', and 'disciple' and what those should look like in the life of a Christian. 

Following Jesus is much more than a simple day at church on Sunday, or a simple bible study one night of the week. Living as a disciple should mean your life is [literally] imitating Christ; the heart of a servant, loving your neighbors, humbling yourself, honoring those around you, and most importantly, taking the bible literally. With room for natural human faults, our eyes and hearts should be fixated on the most High, El Roy, Abbah the Father. We should be ready to follow a life facing doubts, hurt, pain, sorrow, anger, and joy. Christians should not simply say they are followers yet live shameful lives, completely dishonoring the commandments of God. Believer's lives should match up to the faith and Gospel they proclaim. 

No one said it would be easy, but hey, it's worth it. 

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