Speak Silence

Wednesday, January 22

If you ask me to speak with my lips, my words become like boulders, collapsing through air, crashing and destroying in the process. They break with trembling, they shake with fear, they fight with delusion. If you ask me to speak with my lips, you will receive a mess. A message to decipher, choppy bits with broken pieces and missing ends. If you ask me to use my tongue, you will find a void. A blank stare, a quiver, and a slight nervousness to my mouth. You will find a pause, another pause, and a deep sigh. If you ask me to use my words with my voice, you will hear the sound of shaking, a timid voice echoing the brokenness of it's inhabitant.

But if you ask me to write, my words will be like liquid pouring from beneath my fingertips. Moving with ease, like water, among the surface but then sinking deep into the roots. If you ask me to put a pen to a paper, it will move with the most gentle tenderness. Courageously flowing through thoughts, streams of consciousness, and the beauty of the written word. If you ask me to write, you will witness a maker relaying its story, endlessly creating. Writing odes to her Father of the most gentle humility. If you ask me to attempt my story through my hand, you will receive, not just a story, but an image written out like the mountains across a flat surface, reflecting it's Creator.

Tell me to speak and I will fumble, tell me to write and I will be lost in beauty.


  1. Beatuifully written as always, Taylor! I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog today!


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