Reckless Abandon

Thursday, January 16

Falling on your knees is not a sign of defeat; it is a sign of humility.

Life has been still lately, empty. Not in the sense that nothing is going on, but in the sense that I have been complacent in my faith, in my journey. I found a stand-still and was actually comfortable. Danger. Clear danger. Never did God once say, "Once you get to this place, you'll be alright. You don't have to actually keep trying.." My life has been so filled with useless junk, so filled with worldly, worthless idols. It has been so focused on things that do not set me apart from this world, but merely blend me with it. And worst of all, I was okay with it for a minute. I was okay with not diving into God's word, pursuing Him, and falling on my face before Him.

But I guess that's the beauty of vulnerability, realizing how completely idle you've been, followed with an image of God's complete sovereignty, reign, and ultimate goodness. I had to literally stop for a moment and say, "God. I want you. Give me the power to love you." I don't want to love God with my words, but then half-way love Him with my actions. I don't want to pronounce the name of Jesus, but then fall in love with the things of this world. A follower of Christ is not truly a follower, if their life does not imitate the Lord. They're merely a believer with their words, but not a follower with their heart.

Thank God for sanctification. Thank God that it did not stop at the cross at justification but that it continues on in this life. Thank God for my brokenness. My brittle parts need to be fixed, and the only one that can fix them is the creator Himself.

Oh, how beautiful it feels to desire the Lord, and to desire I mean to want to abandon your life to be at His right hand.


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