The Eternal, Not the Temporary

Tuesday, November 12

Today someone was pouring out to me on their struggle of self-image. Knowing how many women have become victims to their own destructive words, I wanted to share how the Lord has strengthened me in this area of my life.

After dealing with the struggle of self-image for quite some time, God has slowly taught me how to view myself as if I were the Creator and not the creation. Rather than seeing a creation in dark comparison to the world, He has fashioned my view to be on the things of my soul, of my heart, and of my spirit that are eternal. When my flesh looks in the mirror, I automatically begin to point out the flaws, the fragile pieces, every scar and mark, and I speak fickle words to myself. Like many women, I see myself as a body full of the most ugly imperfections. Nothing but hurtful pangs of shame fill my head. "Geez, I hate ____. I'm so _____. I wish I could change _____." 

As the destructive criticism hardened my heart to appreciating this body and mind the Lord has given me, I begged the Lord to teach me to love myself. No, not to be infatuated and egotistic about my own fleshly characteristics. Not at all. Rather, teach me how to love myself as He loves me; to value my beauty in comparison to His light, for I was created in His perfect image. The Lord revealed to me to focus on things eternal; store up my treasures in things not of this world, but the next. My spirit, my patience, my love for the Lord and for others, my wisdom, my boldness, my courage, my dedication, my obedience: these are the things the Lord recognizes. He does not care for perfect hair, and flat stomachs, and white teeth. First and foremost, He cares about our hearts. He desires the eternal, not the temporary. 


To all women, and even to the men who struggle with self-image: You are created in the image of the living God. Do not place your worth within things of this world, but find fulfillment and beauty within the things of your heart; the things which will be alive in the Kingdom. Our bodies will only wither, but your Spirit is what will remain.


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