Monday, September 23

It seems as though the days have just been dragging on lately. The start of school has already been a challenge to me, and I'm finding myself moving with the steady stream of life. I'm moving like a robot to finish the next set of notes, take my next test, get to work on time, and so forth. I feel as though my arms and legs are moving, but my brain is saying, "Wait." It's been a somewhat difficult transition into this routine, and I can't say I quite like it yet. I've discovered my impatient nature and my need for an attitude adjustment. Sometimes I don't understand how Tony puts up with me, but he does and I am so thankful for that.

Everyone is talking about fall, but I still can't stop sweating when I walk outside my front door. The leaves are still green, people are still unhappy, and I'm already anticipating the end of this semester. I'm looking forward to pumpkin pie, camping trips, and light-seeing. I knew the Lord would challenge me this season, but I didn't quite think it would be in this way. My nature is coming to light, my fleshly impatience is beginning to seep through, and then I'm reminded sanctification doesn't happen easy. It doesn't just show up on your doorstep neatly wrapped with a pretty bow on top. It's more like cleaning rust; getting rid of the ugly, to uncover what we were made to be, spirit-filled.

God is showing up to me in the simple moments; the bike ride to the park, the early morning light, and the smile on a little one's face. He is revealing to me the simplicity of life in the wake of a heavy-load. Now if only I can forget about my own selfishness and begin basking in that beauty and simplicity. Instead of thinking, "It's just another week" I need to challenge myself.

"How will God use me this week?"


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