The End of a Season

Tuesday, August 13

I'm officially feeling summer coming to an end. This weekend Tony and I took a little day trip to Austin to finish off summer before the school year. Although most people don't start school for a couple more weeks, Tony began his nursing program this past Monday. Watching him be accepted into the program and preparing for a new season of his life, I couldn't help but feel like life is moving too fast. Our anniversary is coming up, and it seems as though each day is ending quicker than yesterday. I don't want life to move so fast. I want to sit and take in all the beauty around me, all the love, all the grace, all the laughter and joy. I want my days to feel long and full, so I will not wish for tomorrow but instead I will be only in the moment. I want time to freeze, so I may cherish the memories I spend with this man for the unlikelihood of tomorrow. I want to bask in God's goodness, and not stop a foot outside of His presence. This season of my life has been fruitful. I have grown, my relationships have grown, and my spirit has grown. I almost feel selfish not wanting to give up today for the next season, but just as the Lord called Jacob to move from the hill where he met with God, I must also move into the next area that God has patiently prepared. School has already started for Tony and I, and it will be a busy ending of the year. I can already see my days mushing together, my nights getting shorter, and my time with Tony only decreasing because of his school load and my work and school. But oh the trust I've been given. Obedience can only bring blessings from here, and we are ready.

We had a great time in Austin. We picnicked in Zilker Park followed by a swim in Barton Springs (which was FREEZING.) We walked around the city, took advantage of tax-free weekend for a bit, and drank some Japanese iced coffee at Houndstooth Coffee. It's always so wonderful getting away with him, and just cherishing each other's presence. I could live in these moments forever. 

Although we are called to be still for a moment, we must not forget to get up and move. 
Here's to the fall. 


  1. These photos are so beautiful, they have such a warm atmosphere! xx


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