Tuesday, August 20

Sometimes it's difficult, in the haze of school, new family members, anniversaries, meetings here and there, church events, and all the such, to sit down and just cherish the love of Christ. With a new season falling upon us, I feel the pressure of new classes, a transitioning schedule, and much needed rest. Midst times like these it's silly not to find my solitude in the Lord, but too often I see myself forgetting to remember my first love: that pure, righteous, beautiful, and selfless love of Christ. With this new season, comes new crops. And of course with new crops, comes new fruit. Christ compels us to constantly be growing in the fruit of the Spirit, and I feel those premature fruits beginning to grow.

As formerly mentioned, this fall will be a hectic one. In one week I'll be welcoming home a new baby brother, starting college (while still finishing high school), adjusting to Tony's new nursing schedule, remaining steadfast in my two jobs, and continuing on with the course of a growing church. Although I'm ready to face a season full of such blessings, I'm a little nervous to say the least. Knowing my perfectionist side, I'll try to make all of it as presentable and perfect as possible, but I realize that none of that matters if I don't consistently pursue the Lord in all of it. His presence and movement is undoubtedly recognizable in every area of my life, but I am still pursuing (and learning) the obedience in being a reverent + righteous follower of Christ. Abiding in Him is, above all, the priority of every season of my life. Finding the beauty and power of Him in my daily life is slowly becoming my natural movement. Although it's difficult changing the discourse of our human nature, with each and every abiding moment comes a new strength to follow His desires. I am learning the beauty of remembering Him before I decide to endlessly worry about my next move. I am learning the joy of being fulfilled by Him in all things. And most importantly, I am learning how to give to Him every area of my life (even the parts I want to take control of.) Abiding in Christ isn't just a learned habit or formed instinct, but rather a daily pursuit to live in Christ, challenging the very nature of our sinful selves.


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