Break Time

Thursday, June 20

Hey, readers! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have just been so busy with friends, my mentor, house church, and all those other things.

I just want to say how good the Lord is. He has filled up my heart so much this week, despite the struggles I may face. His love covers every bitterness, anger, sadness, or doubt. I just (always) want to harp on His love for you too. Our God is our Father. He is our protector, our lover, our refuge, and our strength. Weeks like this, as busy as they may be, He still intercedes in my life.

The Lord has been doing some really incredible things in my heart since last night, and I can't wait too share. Only when the time is right though. I hope your weeks are all filled with such joy and peace. Take a moment this week to really just spend some time in His love. It's the greatest thing you'll ever experience.

Here's a few photos from an awesome antique shop Tony and I went to yesterday in the Heights.

P.s. The picture of that book in the second right picture is a bible from 1814! How awesome is that?!


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