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Sunday, April 28

Lately I have just been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed and stressed about everything going on in the month of May and June. For most people, it's one of the best times of the year: end of school, start of pretty days, lots of trips, etc. But just from sitting down and taking a look at my calendar for this next month, I am just feeling the complete weight of everything going on. From weddings, to ministry, studying, exams, trips, graduations, and everything else, I am going crazy. I'm the kind of person who needs to get things done, on time, just right, and stress free. Whatever encompasses that, I'm there. Basically, I want to be in control. But with a month full of events, I know I won't be in control. And to be honest, the only way it will stay calm is if I'm giving everything to the Lord. Every day I need to be waking up ready to accomplish my tasks, in order to glorify Him. I shouldn't be doing all of these things for myself. None of my tests, or trips, or school, or ministry should be accomplished and gone about with pride or selfishness. Rather, they should be covered in with Lord in each and every way.

On top of being so stressed, my body has really been wearing out on my lately. Although I do sleep, I've been having a lot of weird body issues like horribly bad back pains and a lot of wrist problems. It's really causing me to stress out at work, and that in turn makes me stress out on everything else. The Lord has really blessed with me with so many opportunities in my life to just glorify Him and do things in His name. But it is definitely hard to all balance out. On top of that, I really want to do something awesome for Tony's birthday in July, (I know that's forever away at this point) but it's really going to take some saving up to do. So with that comes more stress because I'm already a little low on money.

All in all, this post is simply about hectic-ness and a crazy, busy life. BUT within this, I am finding peace and completely residing in Him. He fills me. Daily I need to remind myself to hold fast in His comfort because it overpowers every little feeling of stress. He truly does hold my heart in His hands.

"For there is a time and a way for everything, although man's trouble lies heavy on him." -Ecclesiastes 8:6

Pressing in on that verse will be a big reminder that if there is a will, and it's His will, then there is a way. No matter how stressful and tiresome something may seem, there is always a way. Finding peace in Him in my daily walk will bring peace in everything else involved in my life. He is my cornerstone.

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