Baby Boy

Thursday, March 21

As many [don't] know, my mom is currently pregnant and we have been patiently waiting for today, March 21st, 2012. Today we found out some very important test results about the baby's health and genetic conditions, as well as the sex. My mom was told by the doctor's that there were some risks for the baby, due to her age. Her doctor's appointment was today, and went so well. As of now, at 16 weeks, the baby is healthy, kicking, and growing along. My family and I were terrified of the chances of my mom having a miscarriage or of the baby having genetic mutations, but God answered some huge prayers.

I had a baby brother, when I was eight years old but he passed away in 2003. My mom tried to have another baby for years, and her yearning for another child has finally been answered. This child is in perfect timing of the Lord's plans. I know this baby will be such a child of healing and joy for my mom, who has been through so much with the death of her only son. God slowly but surely transformed all of our hearts, and now is giving us the blessing of another child. I am so thankful for every trial God has put my family and I through. In the time of death, pain, and grief, He was preparing us for this moment of loving and leading a new little angel.

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